Workplace Investigation Mediation

Workplace Investigation Mediations in BC: Our Commitment to Resolving Conflicts

In today’s rapidly changing workplace environments, conflicts and disputes are inevitable. With the rise of digital communication and an increased focus on workplace well-being, addressing and mediating these disputes has become paramount. We, at the Collaborative Law and Mediation Centre, offer skilled workplace investigation mediations in BC, Canada.

We act neutrally and impartially as investigators and mediators in assisting to resolve worksafe disputes, effectively and without undue delay for either workers or employers.

Our Services: Where We Operate

Whether you’re located in the heart of Vancouver or the serene surroundings of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, we can assist. We pride ourselves on our in-person services in both locations. However, if you’re located elsewhere in BC, we’re equipped to conduct comprehensive workplace investigations remotely via Zoom.

Common Workplace Investigations We Handle:

  • Bullying and Harassment: From subtle verbal jabs to more overt forms of intimidation, we understand the varying degrees and nuances of workplace bullying and harassment.
    • Verbal aggression or insults, be it in-person or online.
    • Deliberate vandalizing of workers’ belongings.
    • Spreading malicious gossip and baseless rumors.
    • Underhanded tactics of sabotaging work.
    • Harmful or offensive initiation practices.
    • Deliberate acts of targeted social isolation.
    • Aggressive or threatening gestures.
    • Physical assaults or threats thereof.

Potential Sources of Liability: Understanding the sources of liability is crucial in workplace investigation mediations. Here’s what employers and employees need to be aware of:

  • Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulations:
    • Claims arising from workplace disputes.
    • Different kinds of complaints, including prohibited action complaints.
    • Such issues can escalate to investigations, orders, or even fines.
  • Human Rights Code Considerations:
    • If the acts of bullying or harassment equate to discrimination, the Human Rights Code can come into play. A landmark case in point is Robichaud v. Canada (Treasury Board) [1987] SCJ No 47.
    • Such cases can potentially lead to constructive dismissal, as witnessed in Disotell v Kraft Canada Inc. 2011 CLLC para.210‐008.
  • Grievances/Arbitration: Especially pertinent under a collective agreement regime.

Your Trusted Mediators:

Navigating the complexities of workplace conflicts can be daunting. Our commitment is to ensure a just, impartial, and comprehensive investigation and mediation process. We bring years of experience, knowledge of the BC legal landscape, and a human touch to every case we handle.

If you or your organization need assistance with workplace investigation mediations in BC, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help bridge gaps and rebuild professional relationships.

To get started, contact our office on 250-824-1255. We are pleased to offer a free short first consulation to introduce ourselves and to determine if we can assist.