Acceptable Forms of Identification


Prior to your appointment, you must present two pieces of valid ID as listed below, which we will take copies of for our records.  At least one piece of ID must be a piece of photo ID listed in the “Primary Identification” column.

Please note that cards such as ATM and credit cards must be signed on the back.  We are unable to accept unsigned cards or cards marked “SEE ID” as valid pieces of ID.

If you are unable to provide us with acceptable ID in accordance with this list, please contact us in advance of your appointment.

Primary Identification

Secondary Identification

·   A valid driver’s licence issued in Canada;

·   Current Canadian Passport

·   Nexus Card

·   A Federally issued Firearms Licence

·   Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (containing your photograph) or Certificate of Naturalization (containing your photograph);

·   Federally issued Permanent Resident Card;

·   A Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada;

·   A Provincial Health Insurance Card (with photo);

·   A Provincial Government issued Photo ID Card; or document or card with your signature and photograph on it issued by:

o The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia;

o Alberta Registries;

o Saskatchewan Government Insurance;

o The Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations;

o The Department of Transportation and Public Works of the Province of Prince Edward Island;

o Service New Brunswick;

o The Department of Government Services and Lands of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador;

o The Department of Transportation of the Northwest Territories; or

o The Department of Community Government and Transportation of the Territory of Nunavut.

·   An employee identity card with photograph from an employer well known in the community;

·   A signed automated banking machine (ABM) card or a client card issued by a member of the Canadian Payments Association;

·   A signed credit card issued by a member of the Canadian Payments Association;

·   A signed Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) client card with a photograph;

·   A birth certificate issued in Canada;

·   A Social Insurance Number (SIN) card issued by the Government of Canada;

·   A Certificate of Canadian Citizenship;

·   Citizen and Immigration Form IMM1000; or

·   Citizen and Immigration Form IMM1442;