Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island

In family law in British Columbia, the significance of obtaining Independent Legal Advice (ILA) before signing a separation agreement or cohabitation agreement cannot be overstated. These agreements are pivotal documents that lay the groundwork for the future of individuals and families. Without the proper legal guidance, parties risk facing serious consequences down the road.

At Collaborative Law Corporation, we understand the complexities involved in this process. Our comprehensive approach to Full Review and Independent Legal Advice on separation or cohabitation agreements ensures that our clients are well-informed and protected throughout this crucial step in their lives.

The Legal Foundation

To truly grasp the importance of ILA in family law agreements, we turn to the case of Brandon v. Brandon [2007] O.J. No. 2986 (Ont. S.C.J.). This landmark case highlights the essential role that ILA plays in safeguarding the interests of all parties involved and cases where agreements lacking ILA can be found unenforceable:

“To rebut the presumption of undue influence, the ILA lawyer must have full knowledge and appreciation of the client’s personal circumstances, including the client’s state of health, both mental and physical, the client’s relationships with parties affected by the terms of the agreement, including the nature and extent of those relationships, the client’s current and future financial prospects, the client’s expectations arising from life in general and from the agreement or documents in particular, and all other matters relevant to the effect the transaction will or could produce on the client.”

Brandon v. Brandon [2007] O.J. No. 2986 (Ont. S.C.J.)

Breaking Down the Process

We try to make the process as simple as possible for you. Our ILA process involves several critical steps to ensure that our clients receive the comprehensive legal guidance they deserve:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start by sitting down with our clients to understand their unique circumstances, needs, and concerns. This initial meeting helps us gather the necessary information to provide tailored advice. We usually have this initial meeting before reviewing the document, so that we read the document with your priorities and interests as our background.
  2. Document Review: We conduct a thorough legal review of the separation or cohabitation agreement in question. This includes assessing its terms, implications, and any potential pitfalls.
  3. Written Advice: Based on our review, we provide our clients with clear and concise written advice. This advice covers all relevant aspects of the agreement and its potential impact on their lives.
  4. Witness/Notarization: We guide our clients through the process of witnessing and notarizing the agreement, ensuring that all legal formalities are properly executed.
  5. Preparation of ILA Certificate: As a crucial step in the process, we prepare the Independent Legal Advice Certificate, which attests that our clients have received the necessary legal counsel.

The Value of Comprehensive ILA

Family law agreements are not mere formalities; they shape the future for those involved. Comprehensive Independent Legal Advice is not just a box to tick; it’s a critical safeguard against potential disputes, undue influence, and unforeseen consequences. By following the guidance set forth in Brandon v. Brandon, our firm ensures that our clients have a full understanding of the implications of their agreements and the confidence to move forward.

In the realm of family law, ignorance is not bliss. The importance of Independent Legal Advice before signing a family law separation or cohabitation agreement cannot be overstated. Through our multi-step process, we ensure that our clients are fully informed, empowered, and legally protected as they navigate the complexities of family law agreements in British Columbia.