Collaborative Divorce

A next step from Mediation, Collaborative Divorce involves a trained team in resolving separation disputes. The intent of the Collaborative Divorce team is to respectfully and compassionately resolve separation disputes – with the parties committing to keeping the matter out of court.

The Collaborative Divorce process has a high satisfaction rating from clients, compared to adversarial court proceedings. It is also usually significantly more cost-effective, and emotionally less draining.

Each party has their own lawyer, who must be specially trained in the collaborative process and in mediation. Parties will also usually appoint a divorce coach. In matters involving finances, a financial coach will be involved. Child experts may also play a part. As a result of this team approach, parties are empowered with information and guidance in reaching a collaborative solution

With training in the Collaborative Divorce process and as members of Collaborative Divorce Vancouver, we look forward to assisting you through this process.

Servicing Nanaimo and central Vancouver Island, Collaborative Law Corporation is committed to the respectful and compassionate resolution of disputes using collaborative methods

We can act for one party in a Collaborative Divorce, and point parties to other collaborative professionals.

Our fee for engaging in the collaborative divorce process is $250 per hour plus taxes. $2500 plus tax is required up-front to cover the first 10 hours of work.

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