We believe most Family Law issues can be solved collaboratively – reducing cost, time and stress. Nanaimo, Vancouver and Online across BC.

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A free call to connect and outline likely costs for mediation (and explanation of our 1-day process), or costs for court, or document preparation.
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A one-off consult for general legal advice (but no specific advice, preparation or document review).
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Some of Our practice areas...

Separation Agreements

We can help you arrange a divorce or separation agreement with your former partner, including property division.

Child custody

We offer a full range of options to resolve child custody disputes - including litigation, mediation, or collaborative divorce options.

1 Day Divorce Program

Our 1-Day Divorce Program assists separating couples to resolve parenting, support and property division matters in a fast, cost-effective and low-conflict way.

Desk Order Divorce

We can assist in obtaining divorce certificates, usually without the need for you to attend court.

Mediation and Arbitration

We offer a full range of dispute resolution options including mediation and arbitration.

Family Law & Accident Litigation

Sometimes, court is necessary. We offer a free first appointment to advise whether we can assist and outline the likely costs.

Mediation Discussion

Collaborative Lawyers in Nanaimo

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Free Initial Appointments

* We offer free 15 minute consultations at our Nanaimo office. These are a great opportunity to connect and obtain a quote. If you need specific legal advice, our fee is $150 plus tax for up to 45 minutes.

* For peace of mind, we also offer fixed fees for many legal matters.

A Calm Legal Philosophy

We want to do what we can to remove stress from your legal matter, as much as we possibly can - made famous by our Guatemalan worry dolls each client receives.
* An information pack and legal costs outline at your first appointment, to remove the worry about uncertain legal fees.

Modern and Innovative Legal Assistance

We are a future focused and modern legal firm. Look forward to:
* Your own secure online client portal, where you can view your legal documents online.
* Simple English 2-page retainer agreements and other documents prepared in plain English.
* Environmentally focused - a mostly paperless legal office (except as required by law).
* A willingness to use all modern dispute resolution and peacemaker tools to assist you, not just Court.

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